Jones: All not well in BLP camp

Ronald Jones with the DLP Manifesto.
Ronald Jones with the DLP Manifesto.

Do not believe the talk and displays of unity within the Barbados Labour Party.

Democratic Labour Party strategic team member Ronald Jones said today that while all appeared to be well between BLP leader Owen Arthur and former leader Mia Mottley, that was not so.

Speaking to the media today, Jones claimed today that there were “operatives working to destabilise” Arthur, St. Andrew candidate George Payne, and St. Joseph candidate Dale Marshall in the bids to win their seats in next weeks’ general election.

Jones said someone was “financing the underground efforts to remove them”.

“The Democratic Labour Party has an authentic campaign in those three constituencies and it is our every intention to win those seats. We did not ask for help and assistance because our campaign is authentic, but help and assistance have in fact come. So George Payne, Dale Marshall and Owen Arthur are under attack from their own. So if their own don’t want them why should the people of Barbados want them?” he asked.

“The family is not intact, the activity is not a rumour. Go and find out, it is there. There are two elections going on in Barbados, the national election to elect 30 persons to the House of Assembly and there is one faction of the Barbados Labour Party led by Owen Arthur and then there is other faction led by Mia. Let them deny it; it is too clear, it is too visible.

“We all see it, we all know it but in the last few days of this election leading up to the 12 o’lock before Wednesday there are going to be in a mad scramble to repair all the damage that they have done to themselves.”

Jones said Arthur and Mottley were “still at opposite ends of the line, one is east the other is west, or one is north the other is south and in between there are groups who have lined up behind the individuals”.

He also said Prime Minister Freundel Stuart would provide proof of a request from Arthur for him to relieve him of Mottley.

“We know there are skeptics, but it is coming. He has not yet denied it. In fact the Democratic Labour Party challenges him to deny. When they do their manifesto launch tonight deny what he wrote to … Prime Minister Freundel Stuart as Prime Minister in relation to Mia Mottley,” the Christ Church West Central candidate stated.

“We are challenging him to deny it. If he is chicken well then he will be devoured at the polls. The voters must be aware, they must not allow themselves to be fooled into the perception that all is well.” (SC)

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