Too tough for Bees

dlpvotedemsbennbrigadeThe Barbados Labour Party has “destroyed the finances of this country” and should be rejected at the polls.

St. John voters received this advice last night from Democratic Labour Party St. George North candidate Jepter Ince during a public meeting at Massiah Street.

Ince said while the BLP’s aim was to convince the electorate that the DLP had mismanaged the country’s affairs, Government had actually stabilised the economy, strengthened the social safety net, and provide a range of social services for the young and old, while achieving great things with housing.

“The Barbados Labour Party is not interested in your social well being, the Barbados Labour Party is interested in the Treasury, they want to manage the Treasury and on January 15, 2008 we brought an end to Spartacus and Rome, that is what Barbados was for 14 years, … it was about money, wine, women and men,” he stated.

“So don’t be misguided by them, don’t be misguided by Owen Arthur… We gave Owen Arthur a country that Owen Arthur is the only Prime Minister who collected $4.5 billion in VAT between the year 2000 and 2007 and all of the talk that Owen and Mascoll are saying that they are going to bring down debt, that they are going to put more money in your pockets…, why didn’t he do it between 2000 and 2007 when he collected four $4.5 billion in VAT?” Ince also claimed that the Barbados Water Authority’s multi million dollar pension fund had been “destroyed” by Arthur.

“There are many persons in St. John tonight…, these are the persons who work at Barbados Water Authority, and we gave Owen Arthur a pension fund in the Barbados Water Authority that had no liability in 1994. We came to office (in 2008) and found a pension fund $60 million in debt.Owen Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party destroyed the pension fund of the Barbados Water Authority and he had all of the time to make it right,” he asserted.

“And now they want to come and tell the people of Barbados to give them a chance … to continue to mismanage… You must reject the Barbados Labour Party because they have destroyed the finances of this country.

“You are hearing tonight that Mia Mottley is saying to you about putting more money in your pocket, … all of a sudden Mr. Mascoll is saying to you that he is going to reduce the cost of oil and gas products in this country at BNOCL and that your light bill overnight is going to be cheaper.

“We know that you are hurting, we recognise what is happening in the country…, we are looking at a future not at a now. We are looking about what is going to happen tomorrow,” he added.

Ince said while Arthur and the BLP were suggesting they had the answers to the country’s economic problems, the reality was the opposite. “Owen Arthur has never faced a challenged in his life when he was Prime Minister of this country,” he said. (SC)

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  1. Kay-rani rosita February 13, 2013 at 2:54 am

    Well said, Sir

    The BLP have already taken so much away from the people of Barbados, now they want to come back to take the food out of the mouths of you and your children and to strip you and Barbados completely naked.
    They want to be re-elected because there are still things in Barbados left to sell and the BLP are about power and money, but mostly money.

    People of Barbados, be vigilant, be warned, beware of Greeks bearing gift.


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