Give DLP credit

James Paul (left) and Derek Alleyne.
James Paul (left) and Derek Alleyne.

The governing Democratic Labour Party was not given enough credit for its success in protecting poor Barbados and those better off.

DLP St. Michael West Central candidate James Paul said while the BLP was trying to perpetuate myths about his party’s record, the facts showed otherwise. He said this was evident in the urban constituency he represented the last five years.

Speaking in that riding the meeting at Clevedale Black Rock, the agriculturalist urged voters: “Do not be fooled”.

“One of the things I have begun to realise in politics is … that very often we seem to feel that the only way that we can deal with the facts of life is by trying to perpetuate myths, and I want to say that no amount of myths that the Barbados Labour Party is trying to perpetuate, either about me, about Barbados, about the way the Democratic Labour Party has handled this economy can distort the truth,” he said.

“What we have seen from the time in 2008 when the Democratic Labour Party came to power, and from the time I became the representative in this community, is an attempt to distort the truth, an attempt to distort the contribution, an attempt to diminish the contribution, an attempt on their part to make you believe that nothing was being done on your behalf.

“Every effort was made to ensure that we protect your standard of living in this community, that the services that you are accustomed to will continue to be provided. Also, not only to be provided, but also to increase the quality of those services,” he added.

Paul said like the DLP’s, his tenure in St. Michael West Central was one where he embraced empowering individuals and building community as one of his major themes.

“I have engaged in projects in this community which seek to achieve that particular objective,” he said.

“Very often when we speak to the issues we have to appreciate the kind of community in which we live, and one of the things we need to understand (is) that St. Michael West Central is a community in which we have an urban core, which comprises middle class and working class individuals.

“And one of the things that we have tried to do is to tailor our programmes to ensure that we cater to everyone. We have seen the Barbados Labour Party gone about saying that this party has not tried to cater to everyone and we have done that.”

Paul said the DLP had “tried to ensure first of all that those persons who are in the middle class that we have tried to keep them there, those persons that we would call poor we have also tried to ensure that we tried to uplift them”. “So the programmes that we have been doing are programmes that we have thought of taking into consideration the nature of the community in which people live,” he stated.

“We have done a lot of programmes related to sports, we have done a lot of infrastructural projects, we have done a lot of educational projects, we have done arts and cultural projects in this community. We have also sought to look at the developing employment opportunities for both the young and the old people in this community.

“We have also sought to look at entertainment as a means of also providing opportunities for young people. We have also sought in addition to that to look at the question of the environment in our community,” the candidate stated. (SC)

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