A caring Government

dlpmichaellashleyspeakingThe electorate has to choose between a government that created two Barbadoses — one focussing on the rich and the other looking after the needs of all Barbadians, especially those worst off.

This comparison was made by Minister of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley, the Democratic Labour Party candidate for St. Philip North, who told a public meeting at Clevedale, Black Rock, St. Michael that the DLP administration’s caring nature was evident in the way it had built hundreds of homes for Barbadians between 2008 and 2013.

“We have not sent home one single public servant, we have maintained jobs in an unfriendly economic climate … under the capable leadership of Freundel Stuart,” he said.

“So we have maintained stability in this country and under trying economic times we have built schools, we have built houses, buses are still on the road, people are still getting welfare, schools are not shut … and we have given free bus fares, free summer camps, and we have protected the pensioners.

“That is a caring Government, that is what you call … a Government that understands the plight of poor people. It is not like the Barbados Labour Party that created two Barbadoses,” he added.

Lashley credited the BLP with creating a Barbados “where you had one group that was neglected, that is the poor, but they created another group on the West Coast that they believe only in condominiums and selling off Barbados land to the highest bidder and they also amended the Property Transfer Tax Act to facilitate the ownership of prime lands into the hands of non nationals”.

The candidate also said rather than simply talking, the DLP’s housing efforts were evident throughout the island.

“It’s not about talk, it’s not about putting it on paper, it’s not about conceptualising it, it’s not about going to Parliament and saying ‘we had that in our plans’, because we believe in real housing, we don’t believe in mock houses,” he told the audience. “We believe in the building of homes, we believe that homes will lead to proper development, proper family values, the building of community spirit.” (SC)

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