Atherley: Barbados’ future is at risk

The future Barbados deserves and desires will be lost unless the Owen Arthur-led Barbados Labour Party is voted back into office on February 21.

BLP St. Michael West candidate, Joseph Atherley, voiced that fear tonight as he and the party’s 29 other candidates were officially introduced to voters at Carlisle Car Park.

“In the tomorrow that follows February 21 the Owen Arthur-led Barbados Labour Party team will be called upon to do something that no other politic part in Barbados has ever been asked to do. Arthur’s team will be asked to bring Barbados back from a place it has never gone before in the last four years,” he said.

Artherley said while Barbadians and others had known the island to be a paradise, there was now peril at its doorsteps.

“I firmly believe … that unless Barbadians vote for Owen Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party team on February 21 the future that we desire and deserve will never be realised. But I have fullest confidence that in the bosom of my colleagues … is the capacity to do the job which needs to be done for the people of this country,” he stated.

“The reason I am on this platform is that I want to be part of a team and part of the process that restores glory to this paradise.

“Let us get our country back where it really belongs, let us rescue Barbados, let us restore paradise, this party can do it.”

His sentiments were shared by other BLP candidates, who were confident of winning their seats on the party’s behalf.

“I have come here to give you a very, very simple message. Move with the tide and send Steve Blackett back down by the riverside,” St. Michael Central candidate Arthur Holder said.

Additionally, St. Michael North candidate Ronald Toppin, who likened the large crowd to the Red Sea, said the DLP had no Moses to part them so there should be no fear that he would not win his constituency for the party. (SC)

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