Voters asked to ‘give Todd the nod’

The people of the City were last night promised more new houses and the eradication of pit toilets, if incumbent Patrick Todd gets the nod in the February 21 general elections.

Using the slogan “Give Todd the Nod”, the City DLP’s candidate told the official launch of his party’s elections campaign at Passage Road, St. Michael, that work had already started on the installation of sewage pipes at King Street.

Todd urged residents to re-elect him and the DLP to office, so the Freundel Stuart Administration could complete the installation of additional sewage pipes at Bamboo Alley, with a view to eliminating pit toilets.

He said the Urban Development Commission also intended to build more homes at Ellis Village and Chapman Street and repair others. He said that under his stewardship, dozens of residents of Pondside were able to own their units under the Government’s rent-to-own programme, three dozen terrace units were built on lands west of Kings Village and another dozen would be constructed at Mason Hall Street, if the DLP was returned to office.

Todd, who is also the Minister of State in the Ministry of Housing and Lands, reminded City residents that, on coming to office in 2008, his administration transformed the site at Country Road, abandoned by the BLP, into a modern condominium type housing complex for low income Barbadians.

He told the crowd as well, that the young people did not have any recreational facilities when he became MP, but that now they had a brand new play park at Emmerton and a refurbished sporting complex in Chapman Lane.

“We are here to complete unfinished business. The BLP has neglected the people and has threatened to shut down the constituency councils and summer camps,” noted Todd.

The City MP until Parliament’s life ended last month reasoned that the councils succeeded in organising the out-of-season David Thompson football tournament with first prize of $4,000 that went into the pockets of young people.

He observed, too, that the camps provided thousands of children with free meals while giving them a safe and secure place to stay, when their parents were at work. Todd lamented that if the BLP was voted back to government, all of this “gone through the eddoes”.

Turning to his opponent, Jeffrey Bostic, the minister of state accused him of closing his constituency office after losing in 2008 and being “missing in action” for the following three years.

“The lieutenant (Bostic) was absent without leave and couldn’t be found,” he declared.

He suggested that Bostic had only now resurfaced after “the smell of general elections”.

“We the people of Bridgetown will finish off the lieutenant. I am looking to defeat the lieutenant in all 11 boxes,” promised Todd.

He advised residents that if the BLP gave them money to take it, but “eat them out, drink them out and vote them out”. (EJ)†

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