Nomination process

*Continued from pages 28 & 29

In the centre itself, the candidate presents his/her receipt and then signs in triplicate, the consent form signalling intention to contest the seat.

Along with the candidate, Returning Officer Small explained, is the election agent, which is the individual the candidate appoints to act on his/her behalf in his/her absence; the proposer, who is the individual who puts forward the candidate for nomination and the seconder, the person who agrees to the appointment of the candidate. Each of these persons has to sign forms to that extent.

Two individuals are also there as the official witnesses to the nomination and are required to sign the nomination forms accordingly. Each of these individuals must be registered to vote in the constituency of the seat being contested, possess identification, and be listed on the preliminary voters list.

If the deposit receipt is forgotten the process is delayed for such to be found and presented to the returning officer who collects and signs the back of it, before handing it to the clerk. If a receipt is misplaced, a copy must be secured from the Treasury as proof of the payment.

Headley commented that as Barbados is still viewed as a country where the democratic process is envied, it presents officers like himself and Small with a certain measure of pride to have participated and done their civic duty.

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