PM prepared for challenge

prime minister stuart ready to rumble with opposition leader

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is ready to rumble.

With the nomination process completed today, the Democratic Labour Party leader said the general elections battle against the Barbados Labour Party was now officially underway and he promised a vigorous and enthusiastic defense of the DLP’s last five years in office.

Saying he was ready and able to speak at up to four meetings nightly after the Dems official launch their 2013 campaign tonight at Passage Road, the St. Michael South candidate said he was prepared to challenge the stamina of his Barbados Labour Party counterpart Owen Arthur with “a run around the Garrison”.

Sounding confident moments after signing and handing in his nomination papers this morning at the Graydon Sealy Secondary School, the DLP leader said the process signaled the “effective start” of his party’s campaign.

“We don’t jump out of the gates and behave like headless chickens. So much can happen between when an election is called and Nomination Day that we make sure that all of our candidates are nominated before we effectively kick off our campaign,” he said while being questioned by the media.

“We present our candidates tonight at Passage Road and the Democratic Labour Party’s case for re-election will be put as of tonight with all the vigor, with all the clarity, with all of the enthusiasm at our command…

“We think that we have a record of which we can be justly proud and we have a vision for the future that we feel very strongly about and that we can with confidence put to the people of Barbados.”

Stuart said having held two performance report meetings at Bay Street in the City and Rices, St. Philip “after tonight we will be having four (to) five meetings per night and that will for me mean speaking on three or four platforms per night, but I am ready for that”.

“I am even ready to challenge my opponent to a run around the Garrison and I mean my national opponent, but we are ready and we think that the case we have to put to the country is a credible one, and that we have a record that is defensible in any part of the world in the context of the circumstances in which we have had to govern over the last five years,” he stated. (SC)

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