PM: Lynch needs political education

by Shawn Cumberbatch

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart thinks his St. Michael South opponent Noel Lynch needs a political education.

But what the Democratic Labour Party leader intends to give the Barbados Labour Party member, who he called “politically illiterate”, is a second successive defeat at the polls on February.

This was the confident tone sounded by a relaxed looking Stuart as he handed in his nomination papers this morning at the Graydon Sealy Secondary School.

With a delegation that included close friend attorney-at-law Hall Gollop, lawyer Michael Yearwood, Apostle Dr. David Durant, Personal Assistant Yvette King and Press Secretary Natasha King, the Prime Minister arrived at the nomination centre less than half an hour after its 10 a.m. official opening today.

With school in session, there was no fanfare as the DLP head walked from his vehicle to the Graydon Sealy hall.

After being greeted by St. Michael South Returning Officer Egaton Thompson and Election Clerk Joy Peterson, Stuart sat down and quickly completed the familiar process of signing the various nomination documents.

His candidacy was proposed by Jean Belling, with Archibald Marshall the seconder. The witnesses were Elphinistone Lorde and Colleen Jones.

It was all witnessed by a group of students from the school, who Stuart spoke to, telling them of the nomination process, and how Members of Parliament and governments were elected.

The Prime Minister then faced the media and brushed off suggestions that Lynch previously defeated one Barbadian Prime Minister and would do so next month.

Stuart said no such thing had taken place, since when Lynch defeated the then Erskine Sandidord, now Sir Lloyd, in the 1999 general election Sandiford was an ordinary parliamentarian.

“I have to confess that I am very impatient with political illiteracy,” the Prime Minister quipped.

“I have been following the politics of Barbados very scrupulously since 1961 and the constituency of St. Michael South was created in 1971. It had a Prime Minister from 1987 until 1994. That Prime Minister’s name was Erskine Sandiford. Erskine Sandiford retained his seat in 1994, even though the Democratic Labour Party lost the election.

He lost his seat in 1999 when the Prime Minister of Barbados was Mr. Owen Arthur. He lost his seat to the gentleman who is now running against me in this election.

“I do not know therefore on what basis anybody could claim that he defeated a Prime Minister because the only Prime Minister he could have defeated in 1999 was Owen Arthur, because Erskine Sandiford was an ordinary parliamentarian in 1999. As I said I am impatient with political illiteracy,” he added.

The Prime Minister, who lost to Lynch in 2003, said what the BLP candidate was in fact saying was that “when I cease to be Prime Minister 10 years from now he will win the seat up here and I have no problem with that”.

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  1. I up eva since February 8, 2013 at 9:19 am

    why don’t the find his B.S to Villa Road where is love most and known for his soft tender touch.

  2. lynda February 8, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    i just hate these arrogant mps, full of themselves…dont they ever stop to think that we the voters who put them there….eswick, sinckler, stuart..and others who called themselves educated, and cannot speak without shouting and carrying on,what is that good for?they need anger management classes….


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