More time, please!


Incumbent MP for St. Michael South Central, Richard Sealy, late last night asked the people of that constituency for another chance to complete the work he has started there.

Addressing a spot meeting at Cummins Road, Brittons Hill, Sealy identified the upgrade of schools, the high rise housing project at Valerie and a vibrant sports programme as some of the achievements of his near 10 year tenure as parliamentary representative.

He said while he had not be able to fix all the run down houses in the area, much progress had been made in meeting the needs of the residents, but he required more time to finish what he had started.

“A playing field is a priority for St. Paul’s Primary,” he added.

He told supporters his promises to do more were no idle ones, referring to the “fact” that he had delivered on such pledges as the new George Lamming Primary School and was proudly associated with a homework schools programme as well.

Sealy, who is also Minister of Tourism announced plans to provide more avenues for visitors to spend money in the island. He informed the St. Michael South Central constituents that he would be pushing a series of initiatives to benefit the people of Barbados.

For example, nationals will be trained under a host programme that would allow them to be skilled in aspects of foreign languages and the ability to effectively interact with the various visitors. He noted that tourism could not always be about hoteliers.

“Hair braiders, vendors, taxi drivers, these are the people I am in office for. Hotels are about sleeping, but a visitor is not going to go back home and talk about his sleep, but about his experience when his eyes are open and he is moving around.”

The minister pointed out that for the Barbados Together Programme, persons could sign up to become a host. As the senior politician put it, the host programme is about development of people.

“We want persons to be appropriately equipped to host visitors when they came to Barbados,” he added.

Sealy also pledged that his intention, if he became minister of tourism again, was to intensify the links between tourism and agriculture, heritage and the green economy.

The incumbent St. Michael South Central representative said he saw the green economy as having export potential, and cited the solar water heating industry as one example.

“We have come a long way but still have a long way to go in St. Michael South Central. It’s about people, not about power,” he declared.

Sealy also announced that another spot meeting would be held tonight at Passage Road, St. Michael. (EJ)††

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  1. I up eva since February 8, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Apparently The Minister NOW knows this…….WAKE UP

  2. lynda February 9, 2013 at 10:30 am

    the dlp did absoultly nothing with their time, apart from living large, and throwing big bash at every opportunity. the houses, roads and whatever they are trying to take credit for, was started and was in place under the BLP….facts


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