Cup cakes campaign

A former Democratic Labour Party senator has made “mock sport” at pronouncements by the deputy leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party, that it was able to raise its campaign funding from cake sales and car washes.

But Reggie Hunte told a spot meeting at Cummins Road, Brittons Hill in support of incumbent MP for St. Michael South Central, Richard Sealy, last night, that he never heard such foolishness yet from a person of Marshall’s standing.

Hunte observed that the entertainment package alone for the BLP’s recent rally at Haggatt Hall cost at least $250,000.

He reasoned that the party would have had to be charging at least $1,000 per car and about $500 per cake.

In endorsing Sealy to continue representing the constituency, he asked the people to assess the difference between the two major parties. The veteran DLP member informed residents that his party had always had to take up the problems left by the BLP and cited a $1 billion debt as an example.

Another speaker who sanctioned Sealy last night was the candidate for St. Michael South East, Patrick Tannis. Tannis drew the line between Sealy’s “visionary and brilliant” leadership and the lack of leadership by his opponent.

He described Sealy as possessing the art of representation, which he suggested could only be found in a true, good friend, who could be relied upon.

“This person can fully capture the things you want and make them happen. This calls for trust. Richard (Sealy) has the key quality of listening,” said the aspiring parliamentarian. (EJ)

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  1. Kay-rani rosita February 8, 2013 at 8:10 pm

    Cake sales and car washes indeed, surely this is the light entertainment amid the seriousness of this election.
    Or does car sales and car washes equals those who will most benefit from privatisation?


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