PM: Fresh approach from DLP

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart (second from left), Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler and former senator Peter Gilkes, outside the Treasury this morning
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart (second from left), Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler and former senator Peter Gilkes, outside the Treasury this morning

Barbadians will be introduced to a new “suite of very attractive polices” from the Democratic Labour Party.

Dismissing the Barbados Labour Party’s current general election campaign as “all the things we did in 2008”, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said his party would be unveiling the 2013 version on Wednesday night and he expected voters to “warm” to it.

The DLP leader also said the Dems would be conducting a truthful, disciplined campaign and were “heartened up to now by the response we have been getting from the public of Barbados”.

“We have a suite of very attractive policies within the context of a vision for Barbados that is consistent with the philosophy of the Democratic Labour Party,” he said today. was among the remaining DLP candidates paying their required $250 deposits into the Treasury ahead of their nominations on Wednesday.

The St. Michael South candidate thanked BLP leader Owen Arthur and his team for adopting the government party’s past strategy because it put them “at a decided advantage”.

“This might sound very strange coming from me, but I really want to congratulate the Barbados Labour Party for up to now fighting the 2008 election campaign very effectively. All of the things which we did in 2008 and which are now receding into the distant past for us they are now catching up with,” he said.

“So they can continue to fight the 2008 campaign, it just happens that we are in 2013 and in accordance with their rhythm it means that when we are fighting the 2018 campaign they will start to fight this one. And that’s alright with us because that puts us at a decided advantage and we want to thank them for that.

“In terms of manifesto the DLP has never been ashamed of what it has put in any manifesto, we have made a greater impact on Barbados than any other political party this country has ever seen and that impact has had to do with the kind of manifestos that we have produced and the kind of vision that we have crafted for the country and the manifesto which we will present to the country in this campaign will be no different,” he added.

As he and the 29 other candidates prepare to be officially introduced to the electorate at Passage Road, St. Michael on Wednesday, the country’s leader said the DLP campaign “has been very much in accordance with our expectations”.

“We have a planned campaign and up to now the plan has been executed flawlessly and we expect that to continue,” he said.

“We have not had any hiccups or any glitches up to now that have occasioned us any concern, so so far we have been functioning according to plan and the results that we have been reaping have been in accordance with our expectations.

“We will be on Wednesday night presenting all of our candidates to the country after we go through the Nomination Day procedures…”

He said the party expected public enthusiasm about its campaign to increase as Barbadians warmed to “the attractiveness of the message they have been hearing from us both in terms of our achievements over the last five years and what we have planned for them for the next five”.

Stuart also saw no problem with a general election during the Lenten Season, and said the DLP’s “mode of operation has always been to conduct itself with the highest standards of probity, with an unequivocal commitment to the truth and that will be evident from what comes in this campaign from our platforms”.

“So we just happen to be going into the Lenten Season, but even if it were not the Lenten Season the standards of the Democratic Labour Party would prevail during this campaign,” he asserted. (SC)

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