blphaggathallcrowdThe Democratic Labour Party was happy just to win a general election and spent the last five years enjoying it.

Do not give them another term to do the same, Barbados Labour Party Deputy Leader, Dale Marshall urged Barbadians last night.

The St. Joseph candidate was speaking during a BLP rally at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael.

“Our mission is to rescue a nation and you can only rescue a nation if you are leading. On the 21 of February all of you will be faced with a solution, you will be faced with a solution that is in the colour red,” he said.

“We have delivered for Barbados before. The Democratic Labour Party was simply out to win an election, spent the next five years celebrating a victory without understanding their role was to help Barbadians.”

Marshall said while the current general election campaign “was long in coming” it was “finally here”, providing an opportunity for the BLP to give Barbadians “a better day”.

“The Barbados Labour Party is returning to government on the 21 of February to rescue to rebuild and to restore. As much as we might celebrate tonight as a family, as much as we will bring in our friends and help to spread the world of the Barbados Labour Party we have serious business to fix come the 21 of February,” the BLP spokesman stated.

He added that having been the “most successful country in the Caribbean”, Barbados was now the laughing stock of the region, with a government that though cleaning to “feel your pain and understand” had made things worse.

Next month’s general election will be an opportunity for Barbadians to “pass judgment” on the Democratic Labour Party administration, he said.

Marshall’s St. James Central colleague, Kerrie Symmonds, said based on the difficulties many citizens were facing the only sensible decision they could make was voting the BLP into office.

“We have a serious time ahead of us on the 21 of February. These people who hold government today pledged to you that they were building a society and you have on the 21 of February to pass judgement on the Democratic Labour Party,” he said last night during a BLP rally at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael.

“What kind of society can they be building when tonight one in every five Barbadians are living in poverty, one in every five of us cannot buy food to feed our families, one in every five cannot pay light bills, one in every five is picking and choosing who is to get pay what bill this month.

“Tonight in Barbados we have proud working parents but who are forced to line up at welfare to get school uniforms for their children,” he added.

He asserted that in the middle of the winter tourist season when local hotels “should be full” they were actually sending home staff.

“What is the society that we are building when we allow these things to happen and then turn a blind eye to the wastage?” he asked, pointing to money spent on projects including Four Seasons and Barbados Water Authority.

“Barbados needs to be rescued, we need to be turned around, we need deliverance and deliverance will come on the 21 of February. Vote for the Barbados Labour Party, have confidence in yourself, have confidence in your country, … rescue Barbados and take us forward after the 21 of February,” Symmonds urged.” (SC)

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