Walcott: Dump the Dems

Barbadians have no choice but to dump the Dems.

Barbados Labour Party Christ Church South candidate Dr. Jerome Walcott
Barbados Labour Party Christ Church South candidate Dr. Jerome Walcott

Barbados Labour Party Christ Church South candidate Dr. Jerome Walcott said if Bajans liked themselves and had enough of the Freundel Stuart Administration’s broken promises there was no other option.

He was speaking tonight at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael during a BLP rally.

“Five years ago the Dems promised you across this country, pathways to progress, they told you that they would reduce the cost of living, they told you that they would build a society and…, they promise you a better way, which they said would address your concerns,” the BLP chairman said.

“They told you about the cost of living, yet as we speak the cost of living continues to rise, the cost of food continues to rise, some people who were accustomed to buying two chickens per week for their families now have to depend on one.

“They increased every possible thing, the water rates, the VAT, everything has increased, your light bill — and you have a Prime Minister parading across this country, who tells you that things are reasonable and quoting to you history and Latin and religious quotations while people continue to suffer,” Walcott said.

The former minister of health said he was also concerned about the difficulties young and elderly Barbadians were having in getting adequate and affordable medical attention.

“Across the length and breadth of this country thousands of elderly persons go without some of their medication unless they can pay for it,” he noted.

“Thirty five thousand people invest in CLICO and at night many of them are unable to sleep. Some of them have died as a result of the pressures. Nothing done and they tell you they were building a society and the final insult [is] with poor Barbadians having to obtain housing, rental units have to be paraded across the television screen.

“Nothing has happened for you and they come again on the eve of an election and all they can offer you young people is a hoe and a cutlass and send you out to cut grass,” Walcott said. (SC)

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