Taking back St. Philip

Dr. David Estwick and George Pilgrim with young DLP supporter.
Dr. David Estwick and George Pilgrim with young DLP supporter.

The Democratic Labour Party will go all out to reclaim all three St. Philip seats in the House of Assembly.

This was made clear today during a canvass in St. Philip South by candidate for that riding Adriel Brathwate, his colleagues Michael Lashley (St. Philip North), and Dr. David Estwick (St. Philip West), supported by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

Brathwaite said his tenure between January 2008 and the dissolving of Parliament last week was one of productivity, not promises.

“I have done two public reports to my constituents. I am not being critical of my colleagues but I don’t believe anyone has done two public reports as yet and I will be doing the third tomorrow night at Rices,” he said.

He said he was confident all three St. Philip seats would be the DLP’s after the February 21 general election.

“We have always been a team and we are very confident that come the night of the 21st of February that all of St. Philip will once again be returned … to the Democratic Labour Party,” the Attorney General and Minsiter of Home Affairs said.

Lashley, the current administration’s Minister of Housing and Lands, said based on what he knew and had observed during this morning’s canvass, St. Philip South, like North and West, was well represented.

“I certainly believe that this seat will be returned to the MP and to the Democratic Labour Party. We will continue to fight and we will continue to do what is necessary to improve the lives of the constituents of St. Philip South,” he said.

“He is obviously doing his work for his constituents and I see no reason why the constituents of St. Philip South will not put their vote in favour of Adriel Brathwaite.”

Minister of Agriculture Estwick also said Brathwaite “has been a very good constituency representative”.

“We have worked as a team in this constituency from the beginning. The evidence of that is the work behind us,” he stated. (SC)

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