Femmes with Flare

by Donna Sealy

They’re unique, versatile, and are offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

Yup, that’s what Flare: The All-Female Live Band is bringing to the stage.

The lead singers are Faith Fate Callender, Sheronique Ch? Browne Lyttle from St. Vincent, Megan Griffith is the keyboardist, Juanita Juanz Clarke is the drummer, Nikita Keetz Swann plays the bass guitar, Sashay Pixel Wiggins plays the drum machine and the second keyboard.

“[We’re] hot chicks that play. Nothing sexier than that!” said, Swann.

Manager Marita Griffin told Barbados TODAY that the band was formed last year and the members range in ages 17 to 31 although they have featured a 14-year-old keyboardist/vocalist, Amber Orano, whose “voice is similar to Queen Ifrica in terms of deepness of voice but she has a unique vocal quality.

Why a female band?

“I saw that the entertainment industry here was becoming a little too “familiar” and there was a reduction in patronage, especially in the Gap. Having worked with artistes in the UK, I wanted to create something here which was different, something fresh and new, while helping others to see their dreams become a reality.

“The vision I had was that an all female band is something new, something refreshing, something different. Within a few months, I’ve met or have communicated with about 80 or more female musicians, including brass musicians, steel pannists, piano/keyboard players, guitarists, drummers, etc. I was told that it’s going to be difficult to find female musicians, but I found the majority of unit I have within a couple weeks,” the manager said.

The girls get along well, she noted.

“Funny you should ask. I gave them an assignment, five things they like about the band and the majority of them said the family feeling. They get along very well. I’m very surprised and happy because I’ve worked with female groups before and it’s been chaotic with certain people not getting along, but so far, Flare has been great and they help one other. They like was the diversity, in terms of age and ethnicity,’ Griffin said.

While you will see the band on stage on Friday nights, the manger will “try to keep behind the scenes”.

Seven on 7 Resto/Lounge is where you can find them on Friday nights for Flare Fridays, but they have performed at McBride’s where they opened for Girl Power featuring Alison Hinds. During that gig Grenadian’s “soca diva” Sharrie Jones performed with them. They also did Girl Power Part 2 where Natahlee was the featured performer.

You can expect different genres of music including reggae, soca, pop, alternative, says Griffin, because they want “to keep it interesting”.

In order to perfect to their act, they rehearse once to twice a week.

“The girls have been rehearsing and dedicated, so I have confidence in them to do well,” Griffin added.

So party lovers at the Dover, Christ Church location are in for a night “of flirty, fantastic fun! Compliments… Flare!”

“It is a night whether they come to lime, unwind or party, we have music to suit that” the manager added.


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