Anglican Bishop Dr. John Holder
Anglican Bishop Dr. John Holder

Anglican Bishop Dr. John Holder wants Barbadian politicians to ensure the 2013 general election campaign is “the cleanest one ever”.

Yesterday Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announced that voters would go to the polls on February 21, but even before then the religious leader was giving him, his colleagues and political opponents about how they should conduct themselves.

Holder, in a statement carried in the most recent edition of his church’s newspaper The Anglican, said he wanted candidates to follow 10 guidelines, which he outlined. They included:

* Let the discussions be on the issues – Barbadians want to hear these fully, critically and sensibly discussed.

* Avoid character assassination of opponents – Make this campaign the cleanest one ever.

* Tell us how you can take this country forward – Do not dwell on and live in the past, point us into the future.

* Do not take the electorate for granted – At this time more than ever, you are their servants.

* Be humble – Remember arrogance can be a sure path to self-destruction.

* Be ever conscious of the young people who will be voting for the first time – Let them see in you the qualities of good leaders.

* Do not turn them off by your behaviour from becoming active participants in this precious democratic process.

* Many of them will want to follow in your footsteps some day. Be the best possible example of a politician for them.

* Keep God at the heart of it all – The power is His to give or to take.

* Be ever conscious that you are doing it all not for yourselves but for us and for our country.

“Elections are precious and dear to all Barbadians. Let us in our usual level headed and sensible manner, and with the guidance of Almighty God, approach this important event,” he urged.

“We wish each candidate who will contest the election well. It is an awesome responsibility that you are seeking to embrace. May God by your guide.” (SC)

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  1. Cyrlene February 1, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Love this, thats the way it should be.


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