Half million move


Government is spending more than half million dollars more to temporarily relocate Fairchild Street Market vendors to the nearby Probyn’s Square.

Minister of Agriculture Dr. David Estwick, who today urged these traders to stick with the ruling Democratic Labour Party even “when the silly season really becomes silly”, also promised they and others would be returning to a modern facility accommodating 300 vendors and stretching from the existing market location to the River terminal.

He spoke while leading off debate on a supplementary resolution, which included the money for the market and the Fairchild Street Redevelopment Project was proof Government thought highly of vendors.

“We started the exercise where about 10 new kiosks were placed, but when we recognised that there was some infrastructural work that became necessary, and in particular electrical infrastructural work, under the advice from the Government Electrical Engineering Department as well as from private contractors, it became necessary for us to redesign and come up with a new way of having the relocation done so that we can effect the movement from the forecourt at the Fairchild Street Market.

“This sum of $567,000 is to provide for the additional infrastructual work in the area of electricity activity and as well as to further develop another 11 kiosks in the area so that we can effect that full relocation of vendors from the fore court.

“But very, very soon I want to ask the vendors in Barbados that when the silly season really becomes silly I want them to follow the DLP and I want them to see for themselves what the new Fairchild Street Development Market will look like for them,” he added.

Estwick said he wanted vendors “to see for themselves that we intend to provide over 300 spaces for vendors that stretch from the Fairchild Street all the way out to the minibus stand, and not only provision of those types of services, but they will have fantastic ancillary services from property toiletry, hygiene etcetera”.

“And we are not stopping there. With respect to the new SeaView Terminal that will also have provisions within it for vending in Barbados, but in a structured way,” he stated. “So I would want to say to vendors in Barbados and to those who say that this party has not been doing anything for vending, hold on, very soon you will see … what our intention is.” The St. Philip West MP said the current state of the Fairchild Street Market was unacceptable, noting the area was one of squalor, which had health implications for the vendors, their patrons and others. He also said there were plans to retrofit vendors kiosks at Six Roads, St. Philip and Church Street, Speighstown, St. Peter. (SC)

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