Opposition leader lambasted for actions

Minister of Health Donville Inniss

Minsiter of Health Donville Inniss has chided former Prime Minister Owen Arthur for his failure to show any sympathy at the passing of former Prime Minister David Thompson.

Inniss issued this condemnation yesterday afternoon while addressing a Democratic Labour Party rally at Fitts Village, St. James.

Referring to the death of Prime Minister David Thompson, Inniss recalled that former Prime Minister Owen Arthur did not send Thompson’s wife, Mara, a sympathy card, but immediately put plans in place to supplant the then Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley.

Addressing the female members of his audience, the St. James South MP argued that all women in Barbados should cast their vote against Arthur on the basis of his treatment of Mottley.

Inniss said that Arthur not only showed scant respect for Mottley, but treated parliamentary representative for St. Thomas, Cynthia Forde, with equal contempt.

He recalled that during a press conference at the Cave Hill Campus of University of West Indies, Arthur was not only critical of Mottley’s political judgement, but “entered her bedroom business”.

Inniss charged that when Arthur felt that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart would have called general election in mid-2012, he retained the services of a public relations firm at a cost of $500,000, and resurrected party letter writers.

The St. James South MP warned his audience that no one can anticipate the political action Stuart would take at anytime. Dismissing arguments that the DLP Administration was incompetent, Inniss said that in spite of the economic turbulence they had done well over the past five years.

“Under the DLP, Barbados is a very free country. No BLP member or supporter has been victimised or abused under the Freundel Stuart Administration. Under Owen Arthur they would have to flee Barbados. For your children’s sake do not re-elect Owen Arthur to the office of Prime Minister,” Inniss pleaded.

Inniss said Arthur was the most overpaid parliamentarian because he seldom attended parliamentary sittings. (NC)

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