No time for talk!

dlp busy working for the people of barbados, says pm

A re-elected Democratic Labour Party government will increase the minimum wage as soon as the current economic crisis passes. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said having increased the take home pay of some of the worst paid in Barbados, his administration intended to continue taking care of workers. Saying his administration was interested in taking action not simply talking, he also pointed to other efforts, including the passage of the Employments Rights Act, proclamation of Safety of Health at Work Act, and extension of unemployment benefits as a signal that Government was serious about the needs of Barbadians. Stuart was speaking at the opening of the DLP candidate Jepter Ince’s St. George North constituency office at Market Hill. “When we realised how deep the recession that we were, it was (Minister of Labour and Social Security) Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo who presided over an extension of the entitlement of workers who had lost their jobs to unemployment benefits, extending it from 26 weeks to 40 weeks,” he said. “That minister dealt with the minimum wage issue. We still think the wages are too low, but we are in a crisis and when this crisis passes we will be back there again to deal with that. “So we were not sitting down with any cigar in our mouth or sailing about in any yacht or wearing about any suspenders looking like a circus clown, we were busy doing work for the people of Barbados,” he added. Stuart also said people complaining that he did not talk much should realise that “sometimes in politics silence is a far more powerful weapon than talking”. “We don’t want any five-year campaign, every day people snapping and snarling at one another and answering back and some of the political sissies (saying) ‘You have to take me last hit though!’ — a lot of foolishness, a government has to govern,” he stated. “Governments govern because when election time comes people don’t ask you how much you talk, they ask you ‘What have you done? Account for your stewardship!’ and that is what the Democratic Labour party was doing, so I didn’t have to answer every foolishness that they said. A lot of people don’t know that.” (SC)

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