Gov’t shares new purchasing plan

Government has chosen a British company to help it reduce wastage, avoid bad deals and ensure transparency when purchasing goods and services.

As part of its multi-million dollar procurement modernisation initiative, which includes the transformation of the current Central Purchasing Department, the current administration has contracted PROACTIS Holdings Plc.

The news was announced by PROACTIS in a statement quoting Acting Permanent Secretary, Special Projects, in the Ministry of Finance, Margaret Sivers.

By using the services of the British firm, including the “full range of spend control and eProcurement software solutions”, Government is expecting to be able to “reduce the overall cost of purchased goods and services, improving financial control and mitigating risk.

This would be done by “gaining the best possible value for everything they buy; eliminating unnecessary and improper purchases; ensuring only accurate invoices are paid; and improving the efficiency of procurement, accounts payable, and everyone involved in the purchasing process”; “ensuring compliance with Government policies, and maintaining clear visibility of the cost pipeline and its impact on budgets”; and “maintaining transparency of the sourcing process, properly qualifying new suppliers, and effectively monitoring supplier performance and compliance”.

Sivers was quoted as saying that “the decisive factor in the choice of PROACTIS, apart from a comprehensive track record, was their approach of the team”.

“They share our vision and we attach great importance to the relationship with PROACTIS. They offer much more than a typical software product. It is a combination of innovative software solutions and well-structured services delivered by experienced professionals,” she said.

“This is a complex project with a complex implementation programme so we rely on advanced software functionality and a close and productive working relationship with the team if we are to make this project the success we want it to be.”

PROACTIS said Government was “moving swiftly to overhaul its procurement processes — a move that will rationalise procurement activities across departments; provide greater clarity and transparency in procedures; ensure greater uniformity through the use of strategic sourcing and contract management processes, and introduce more control over daily purchase activity”.

“Through the partnership with PROACTIS, the Government of Barbados benefits from access to the latest cloud-based software in which critical procurement and purchase-to-pay systems and processes are integrated seamlessly,” it said.

“With the implementation of PROACTIS, the government’s processes will become more transparent and accountable. It will lead to the removal of inefficient and time-consuming activities; the promotion of greater competition among bidding companies; greater compliance; and the promotion of international best practices in procurement activities,” the company added. (SC)

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