This is 40 Movie Review

by Donna Sealy

When I saw the poster for This is 40, my interest was piqued.

Having turned the magical age a few months ago and growing up hearing that life begins at 40 (which makes me wonder what I was doing for the past 39 years) I really wanted to see what director Judd Apatow would do.

I wasn’t sure if it would stink, if it would be corny, funny or just plain bad because I’ve had my fill of (sex starved) women who long to be loved and who sometimes have the right man in their sights but don’t know because he’s not cute enough or doesn’t make enough money and then they get desperate and drown their sorrows with equally desperate friends who end up lonely after the man (usually the man) realises what he has.

That’s a mouthful! Sorry !!!

But it wasn’t.

This is 40 seemed like one of those chick flicks that I find myself liking more and more as I become older. I didn’t bother to read the synopsis, as I indicated before I saw the poster so I honestly didn’t know that it was an expansion of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) who starred in Knocked Up until my boyfriend – Or was it my son? – told me.

And having not seen that movie I was glad because I didn’t have images of what had taken place in my mind, recalling scenes and conversations, as my mind is apt to do.

This movie is so easy to relate to and it is funny although the f-word is sprinkled too liberally throughout.

In essence, it’s about family and disagreeable children who get on your nerves with their constant fighting, “38-year-old” Debbie’s health plan to ensure her family eats better, particularly her husband who likes cupcakes, her attempt to quit smoking, her changing body which gravity seems determine to control, money, intimacy and relationships – or lack of – with parents, co-workers or employees.

It also shows how children view us as parents, which is depicted through the adolescent mood swings of the older daughter, Sadie (Maude Apatow),and the impact quarrels can have on the younger child as seen when Charlotte (Iris Apatow) asked why no one was talking to each other.

As a couple, it shows the need for “we time” to just be together and that’s what the weekend getaway was about. Some of you can relate to Pete as he hides out in the bathroom playing games on his iPad or gives his father money while denying it to his wife.

As Debbie said “we have to make a choice to make things different”. It is about life and more importantly life at 40, yes Paul turns 40 a couple days after Debbie did.

Oh and did I mention Megan Fox (Desi) and Charlyne Yi (Jodi who played in House), are in it? The scene with Desi and Debbie in the changing room had me cracking up!!!!

We’ve all got troubles, some of which are borne out in this film, and despite the bad reviews it is receiving all 40 year-olds, men and women, single or married, with children or without, should watch it!†

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