Ready for hand-over

A ultra-modern Omni building in Warrens, which will house a number of Government offices, is scheduled to be handed over to the National Housing Corporation on or before next Tuesday.

Paul Lewis, Human Resources Manager for the Jada Group contractors, told Barbados TODAY this afternoon, that everything was now completed on the estimated $50 million building, except for a little internal snagging of fittings.

“The hand over is imminent and we will be handing over the building to our clients, the National Housing Corporation, on or before January 15,” disclosed Lewis.

He said the complex, on which work started in August 2009, was scheduled to be turn over to the NHC at the end of last year, but declined to explain reasons for the “slight” delay.

The executive did say, though, that the main building was finished in August 2011.

“It is 11 floors, including the basement floor. It is 140 feet above ground, has 90,000 square feet including the surroundings and occupies 72,000 square feet of usable office space,” explained the Jada manager.

Lewis also revealed that there is parking for 215-plus vehicles, and the building was equipped with a state of the art air conditioning system.

He said the windows were also featured top class insulation.

“We know that various government ministries will be moving in the building, but our clients would have to tell you when. We can say that the Ministry [of Environment and Drainage], the Coastal Zone Management Unit, the Barbados Drug Service and the Post Office will be housed there,” he announced.

“We are desirous of maintaining the building … if we get the contract. Government should have [an appropriate] programme in place to maintain its buildings — all these beautiful, expensive buildings,” the Jada official added. (EJ)

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