Bring it on, Bees!

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart cuts the ribbon to official open the DLP’s new Christ Church West constituency office.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is prepared to take on “every member of the Barbados Labour Party” in political battle.

And the Democratic Labour Party leader has warned his political opponents that because his party did not “shout” or “get into cross talk with them” and “snap and snarl” they “should not assume that we are not equal to fighting them”.

“I can fight every member of the Barbados Labour Party put together, I ain’t frighten for none of them. I understand them, they don’t understand me and therefore I am at an advantage. I know how their minds work, they cannot work out how my mind works,” he said last night.

The prime minister was speaking at Forde’s Road, Christ Church in support of DLP candidate Verla De Peiza’s constituency office opening there. He was confident the first timer would win the seat “resoundingly”.

He was equally confident about an overall win for the ruling party in the next general election.

“We have done it already and we will do it again and the next election is going to show who are the men and who are the mice, let me be very clear on that,” he said.

“Wake me out of the deepest sleep at midnight I am proud of the case that the Democratic Labour Party can put to Barbados. We have served Barbados well in the most difficult times the world has seen in 100 years. Stuart said his Administration had passed both social and economic tests in a difficult economic environment.

“A government that passes the economic test and passes the social test too and that will pass the political test at the next general elections is a government of which you can be proud. But we still have valleys to be exalted, we have mountains to be brought low, we have crooked paths to be made straight and rough paths to be made smooth. This is a continued work in progress,” he stated.

“There are still neo-colonial attitudes in Barbados. We still have people around here who believe that if you, as Barbados does, grant nearly $500 million in concessions to investors there is nothing wrong with that, but if you spend a few million dollars on the poorest sections of this society you hear certain elements in the society talking about wastage.”

He urged constituents to vote for De Peiza, asserting that after 40 years of BLP representation Christ Church West still had a lot of work to be done, although he said winning the seat would not be easy for his party.

“The colour of a cat does not matter, what is important about any cat is that he catches mice. Christ Church West has voted for the same cat for the last 40 years and in Christ Church West there are still large numbers of mice to be caught in terms of what still remains to be done, problems that still remain to be solved, hopes that still remain to be built after 40 years of BLP leadership stewardship of this constituency,” he stated.

“The time has come to vote for another cat and that person is Verla De Peiza and the DLP. This is not going to be an easy task, don’t let us fool ourselves that we can just sit back and applaud and say ‘she gine win’… and that by the utterance of some abracadabra that she will magically walk up the steps of the House of Assembly. We all have to work to make sure that it happens.” (SC)

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