Sinckler challenges Arthur on assets

Chris Sinckler (File photo)

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler is prepared to put his integrity to the test publicly.

Responding today to recent comments from Opposition Leader Owen Arthur, who urged the St. Michael North West MP to declare his assets and account for the “bounty” he was spending in his constituency, Sinckler called Arthur’s statement on the matter “rubbish”.

He also challenged the former prime minister to join him “at the top of Broad Street” accompanied by “independent” lawyers and accountants and make their individual financial declarations.

Sinckler was speaking in the Lower House during debate on the National Housing Corporation (Transfer of Terrace Units) Act. At the recent opening of his party’s St. James Central Constituency office, the Barbados Labour Party leader said Prime Minister Freundel Stuart was yet to set an election date because the members of his Cabinet were still to declare their assets in Parliament.

He also told Sinckler to declare his assets, asserting the minister was engaged in heavy spending in his urban constituency.

“Mia Mottley and I, without there being any need, went to Parliament and said this is what I have, this is what I own and what I owe,” Arthur said.

But Sinckler said the reported comments “clearly demonstrate the mental attitude of the Barbados Labour Party to poor people in this country”.

“Let those who have ears listen and hear what is going on because whenever they see an average poor person making it, it has to be some underhanded crooked thing that they did to make it. They ain’t come from nothing, there are poor people and all of that,” he said.

“I have not responded to any of it, and I don’t intend to respond to it, because I don’t respond to rubbish. But I will say this: anybody who wants to test my integrity and who wants to talk assets can do so, they are free to do it. Join me at the top of Broad Street in Heroes Square, bring your assets and come with two independent lawyers and two independent accountants … and we will have a conversation about it; enough said on that matter.

“Bring all of the details and we will know who come from next kin to nothing and who come from next kin to something, that is what I want to know.” (SC)

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