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Pelican Craft Village.

by Kimberey Cummins

The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation is making an effort to promote the Pelican Craft Village.

On a visit to the centre last Thursday, January 3, some tenants told Barbados TODAY that in spite of four cruise ships being berthed at the Bridgetown Port on that day and another three the previous day, sales were horrible. They said they believed the BIDC was not doing enough to promote the establishment.

However, Craft Development Officer in the Entrepreneurial Development Division at the BIDC, Dr. Sandra Browne, said that was not the case.

In a statement to this newspaper she said she was “saddened” that such an impression was made about the organisation, “when it is clear that our commitment to this sector and to them is unquestionable”.

She said that since its redevelopment and reopening in 1999, the BIDC, which is the Government agency responsible for the craft sector, had promoted, marketed and advertised the village.

Browne stated that the corporation provides technical assistance to its clients through training in business development and skills development, in the provision of equipment, tools and materials. Adding that they have also implemented such initiatives as: sustained advertising in all major tourists publications, including The Ins & Outs of Barbados, Barbados in a Nutshell, Sporting Barbados, Sunseeker, Treasure Island and Totally,† she said they had employed as well direct advertising to hotels, cruise ships via on board media and banners in the cruise terminal and television advertising through the Visitor Channel and also email blasts via electronic marketing.

The development officer further said that the BIDC colourfully repainted the entire centre, increased and strategically placed signage as well as placed a craft facilitation area at the Grantley Adams International Airport for the display of products and promotional banners.

“The hugely successful Pelican Dooflicky, Nova CultureFest, Pan in the Pelican, De Crafts and Coalpot Lime, Crop-Over Last Lap Craft Fairs, Crafts and Cuisines of the Caribbean, Pelican Pork Friday, Pelican On The Road, Pelican Half Hour Radio Programme, Bajan Pride Extravaganza and the Barbados Arts & Craft Experience,” she said were some of the promotional activities the BIDC included to bring patronage to the businesses at the craft village.

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