Restaurant burns

Paul Johnson, one of the owners of Lucky Horseshoe on the scene.

A fire that broke out this morning at the Lucky Horseshoe Restaurant on Worthing, Christ Church has forced management to close it for at least six days.

But Paul Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Paul’s Enterprises Limited, owners and operators of the restaurant, said the blaze, which resulted in a minor burn to a kitchen staffer, was confined to that area of the building,†and he expects business to resume no later than Wednesday next week.

“We are definitely closed (temporarily). A fat fire [erupted] in the kitchen; the kitchen itself is extensively damaged, but no place else in the building, other than some smoke that’s gotten into the main saloon,” Johnson revealed.

“So I expect that we should get open again by Tuesday [or] Wednesday next week, because we would need to strip the kitchen of the equipment that’s damaged and replace it; so that may take some time. But, it could be worse.”

Fire officers debriefing after successfully fighting the blaze for about 45 minutes.

The CEO said he could not provide an exact figure on the extent of the damage, but pointed out that “a kitchen these days runs US $300,000”.

“How much of it is completely destroyed, I don’t know. What can be salvaged obviously will be, but we would try to do it as quickly as possible, and hopefully all the equipment is on island, so we can just get it back in place and up an running,” Johnson added.

He said about 70 workers would be affected by the interruption in business.

Robin Johnson, another management official said, apart from the worker who was “singed” on the hand, two others were sent home after being traumatised by the fire.

Station Officer, Tyrone Trotman, of the Barbados Fire Service, explained that the alarm was raised by a tender on its way to the airport station for mechanical repairs after personnel on board recognising smoke coming from the Lucky Horseshoe.

Trotman said on receiving the request for assistance at around 9:53 a.m., fire fighters were able to extinguish the blaze and bring the situation under control within 45 minutes. He reported that he, the safety officer, 10 others and two fire tenders responded to the call. The station officer said the cause of the fire was still being investigated. (EJ)†††

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