Buses collide in Sargeant’s Village

Almost a dozen reported hurt in this collision at Sargeant’s Village this morning.

Nearly a dozen passengers on board a Transport Board bus this morning escaped serious injury during a collision with a minibus at the junction of Elizabeth Park and Sargeant’s Village in Christ Church.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch, said nine people in the Transport Board bus complained of soft tissue injuries, but could provide no details on those in the minibus.

However, Welch was able to say that the state-run bus was driven by Rodney Chandler of Kingsland, Christ Church and the minibus by Selwyn Clarke of Briar Hall.

Barbados TODAY understands that the names of some passengers involved in the accident are Sonia Russell of Clapham; Sophia Alleyne of Glendale Close, St. Michael; Alana Forde, Vauxhall, Christ Church; Betty Ross of #16 D Bottom Close, Wildey; Eubert Shorey of Silver Hill; and Annette Jackman of Isolation Road, Belleplaine, St. Andrew. (EJ)

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