Workers in solidarity

LIME employees in a light moment outside the BWU’s Solidarity House headquarters this afternoon.

A packed Sir Hugh Springer Auditorium at the Barbados Workers Union Solidarity House headquarters was abuzz this afternoon.

From just minutes after 8 o’clock this morning, scores of workers from all departments of telecommunications company, LIME, started converging in anticipation of some possible action that could impact the firm.

They arrived individually, in two, threes and in larger numbers to hear what the General Secretary of the BWU, Sir Roy Trotman, had to say to them regarding the way forward in light of the termination of 97 of their colleagues yesterday from the retail stores and back office.

The overwhelming support for their work mates was evident, judging from the crush of vehicles that took up every possible parking space across union’s compound and the bodies which filled every available seat inside the auditorium.

The workers stuck around for some three and a half hours, part of which included their own feedback during the meeting and a lengthy address by Sir Roy.

Some LIME staffers reasoning about the current redundancies of 97 workmates.

Members of the committee of the union division at LIME were present, adding leadership strength to the proceedings. At the head table were division President Shawn Knight, Secretary Sharon Cadogan and Vice-President Nadine Bynoe.

After the session, many of the workers gathered outside the auditorium and continued informal discussions among themselves for upwards of 20 minutes, before gradually breaking up and departing for their various work stations. (EJ)

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