Best saved for last

The Christmas/New Years shindig hosted by Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, was a perfect example of saving the best for last.

Smiles, excitement, the sounds of children’s laughter, the smell of scrumptious food and music all combined to make the Christ Church East Central constituency office’s party, arguably, one of the best for the season.

The four-hour-long party was fun filled from beginning to end.

Close to 500 children and their parents gathered at the Christ Church Girls’ School in Water Street on Saturday to have a good time and that they did. There was something for everyone; the children enjoyed themselves in the jumping tents, little girls and boys got their faces painted in their favourite characters and designs, while the adults mingled and conversed with friends. Even Minister Jones was not left out; he sang, gyrated his hips, at times accompanied by the opposite sex, later attempting the job of a DJ “pulling up” and “bringing down” tracks.

Jones, who said the festivities were not restricted to his constituency members alone, said the event was to bring cheer to the lives of the children while still teaching them to socialise.

After the festivities were over, every child was presented with a Christmas gift. The former educator further noted that he recognised that every child in his constituency would not have been able attend the party so he and friends intended to visit their homes to give them their presents so that no child in Christ Church East Central would be left out of the cheer. (KC)†

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