Sir Charles: Injunction needed against PHD

The island’s largest dairy producers is insisting that a court injunction should be filed on Monday against the Pine Hill Dairy, stopping its proposed 43 per cent cut in the milk quota of farmers.

Sir Charles Williams

Sir Charles Williams made the suggestion this afternoon, as he joined other farmers, at a news conference at the headquarters of the Barbados Agricultural Society, in response to the cut from January1.

Sir Charles, a former chairman member of the dairy, accused the PHD of bad management and trying to shut down the industry. He asked what business in Barbados could survive, if 43 per cent of its sales was taken away.

The prominent farmer suggested that Chief Executive Officer of the BAS, James Paul, was too lenient on the dairy in talking about further meetings. He said the original agreement regarding the quota was that it is an asset, which the dairy should buy back, if it wanted it cut.

Sir Charles said each quota was valued at a particular sum of money, which was used as collateral at commercial banks. He suggested too that the dairy had changed a success story in its management of years ago, into one which was failing.

The wealthy businessman noted that the PHD had even at one point made upwards of $2 million profits, now it has made a managerial mistake and heads should roll.

“Why change management that was a success story? I have invested $12 million in milk in the Pine Hill Dairy. What am I going to do with 170 cows. What I going do with the milk?” Sir Charles queried.

He also questioned the portion of powdered milk being used in Pine Hill products years ago as opposed to now. The farmer told his colleagues and the BAS CEO that time was money, and they needed to file an injunction on Monday against the proposed cut and not wait any longer. (EJ)†

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