Port clears the air

Things are fairly busy at port.

The unprecedented simultaneous arrival of several cargo ships, which had been held up in North American ports due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy, has resulted in the operations of the Bridgetown Port being stretched over the past few days.

Market Development and Public Relations Manager at Barbados Port Inc., Freida Nicholls, also attributed the subsequent re-routing by shipping lines for this state of affairs.

Commenting on reports of delays being made by importers, Nicholls expressed regret that the situation had caused its customers concern.

She said adjustments had been made to streamline the handling and immediate delivery of cargo once it was released from customs and the other regulatory agencies at the port.

However, the port’s spokesperson noted that management was concerned that an incorrect impression had been given, when claims of spoilage at the dock were made by some importers.

She assured the public that there had been no spoilage of cargo due to factors directly linked to service from her company.

Nicholls also explained that opening hours were extended until 7 p.m on Thursday and Friday for the delivery of containers at the port’s north gate in an effort to move the situation back to a state of normalcy.

“From all reports, there has been a significant improvement,” she added. “Customers are advised that further notices regarding extended hours at the port for the delivery of cargo and personal effects during the Christmas season, will be publicised in the print and electronic media.”

Nicholls also reminded customers to check with the call centre at 434-6101 to ensure their barrels and personal items were ready for delivery at Shed 2, before going to the port. (EJ)†

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