Mottley: Failing grade for housing minister

Mia Mottley

“F” for total failure!

That’s the grade Opposition member Mia Mottley has given Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley.

The St. Michael North East MP said while the minister was speaking of not wanting to boast about Government’s housing record since 2008, he really had nothing to gloat about.

Mottley said in its last manifesto the ruling Democratic Labour Party had outlined a number of promises, including value added tax relief on building materials for homes worth up to $400,000, a Home Ownership Revolving Fund, 500 house lots in five months, 2,500 house spots for low and middle income earners, and 2,000 housing solutions a year, which it was yet to fulfill.

“He [Lashley] talks about not wanting to boast and he should listen to himself in truth and do not boast because when he is assessed he has not even built the 2,000 houses that he promised in one year.

“Look at the promises on page nine of the Democratic Labour party manifesto… This is a road map to Never Never Land via poverty,” Mottley asserted.

“All of the talk about boasting, the only thing the member can boast about is for an ‘F’ for failure — that is the only thing he can boast about.

“Greens, Four Hill, all of them were only in a position to build because the land was left. Constant in St. George that we spoke about two and a half years ago, that we were promised would be completed is still not completed in the middle of the CLICO debacle,” she added.

Mottley, who was speaking during debate on a $41.7 million supplementary for the Ministry of Housing and Lands, also criticised Government’s budgeting, including seeking an additional $26.7 million for rental of property to accommodate civil servants.

She called it a “knee jerk reaction to fiscal budgeting that will allow matters now to be pushed in at the last minute in a way that you therefore can come to the House and pretend that that is your deficit stated on the front of these Estimates when in truth and in fact you are now adding 75 per cent to the Ministry of Housing’ budget”.

“This is the very reason that the country is in trouble, this is very reason that the country is in crisis,” she stated. (SC)

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