No card needed

Managing Director Wallace Griffith (left) and Minister Donville Inniss unveiling the new logo.

Shopping smart is about to take on a whole new meaning for Barbadian consumers.

Local buying club ShopSmart yesterday announced that effective Sunday, Barbadians will be able to shop at its main Cheapside and Holders Hill stores without a membership card.

The company’s Chairman and Managing Director, Wallace Griffith, said existing cardholders would not be left out, since not only would they transition into a new SmartClub loyalty programme, but continue to enjoy better prices than those without a card.

Word of this came during a Press conference at ShopSmart Cheapside. Griffith said the 12 year old company, which “pioneered the membership club concept in Barbados and changed the retail environment in the country” had produced a new logo and intended to continue responding to consumer demands.

The official said the difficult economic climate “has led to numerous requests from members to be more flexible and allow shopping without valid membership cards”.

“Shopsmart’s promise of ‘so much for so little’ will now be a promise to every Barbadian shopper. It is a promise that has resonated with members of all economic strata over the past 12 years and this open shopping innovation will now extend it to the broader shopping public,” he said.

“All of our current members, some of whom have been with us from inception, will automatically be transitioned into our new SmartClub loyalty programme. Their ShopSmart cards will now become their SmartClub cards and SmartClub members will continue to enjoy better prices than non SmartClub members.

“This will be seen at the cash register, as the cash register will show the amount saved on each completed purchase. In addition, our price tags will show both the lower SmartClub price and the regular price,” he explained. (SC)

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