Love your career

The students were very interested in a career in meteorology.

“Whatever [career] path you choose, it should be your cup of tea,” says principal of the Lester Vaughan School, Diana Wilson.

She was this morning speaking at the opening of the Career Showcase at the school in Cane Garden, St. Thomas. More than 40 exhibitors, some from Government departments and the private sectors, displayed and explained products or services associated to their specific areas.

Wilson asked the students, primarily those in third and fifth years: “Where are you going to be in two, three or five years? What will you be doing from 8 till 4 or 9 till 5 everyday? In what sphere will you work? In other words, what are your career objectives?”

“Some of you, especially those in third year, must be thinking that it is yet too early to ask such a question. I do not believe that to be the case. In fact, my many years of experience tell me that there are only two alternatives, either you think about your career before hand, that is now, or you leave school … and are forced to cling to the very first job available.

“That may not be too bad if it is something that you eventually grow to like but if it is isn’t, then you will soon become bored and frustrated. When you hate what you do every day for eight hours, when you go to work only to receive your monthly salary — your life is not complete,” she warned.

The educator further advised them that the most difficult thing was to find the right job to suit them. She however, noted that whatever career they did choose they should take delight in it since that delight could ensure professional and personal growth and it would provide them with a sense of achievement and importance.

“I urge you to assume an active attitude to your career and investigate the possible fields of interest right now. Today this career showcase is a perfect opportunity for you to explore new avenues and options and seek some direction to your path. Today, I am sure the facilitators will share with you the practical advantages of a definite job — and its drawbacks as well.

“The more you do and learn now, the less confusion you’ll feel when you are thrust into the world of work. So take full advantage of today’s exercise and seek to choose a career that will keep your inner light burning,” Wilson said. (KC)

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