A safer place to work

The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited has added some muscle to its effort to provide its workers and customers with a healthier and safer environment.

Yesterday management and staff of the electricity company and Ministry of Labour officials recognised BL&P’s acquisition of international certification related to Health Safety Environment and Quality.

After six years of work, the organisation has met the globally recognised Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001 standard, and has also qualified for and received International SO 14001 certification.

In the case of the OHSAS 18001 qualification, BL&P has become just the second company here to complete this certification, while it was re-certified with ISO 14001 four years after first attaining it.

New of this development came during a ceremony at BL&P’s Christie’s Conference Room, at The Garrison.

Managing Director Mark King said certification was a “milestone in our journey towards a safe and healthy workplace” and drew attention “to our corporate responsibility as it relates to good environmental practices”.

“Our first steps, taken six years ago, galvanised our objectives to ensure that employee health and safety were given priority; that our service was of the highest quality, and that our impact on the environment was continually monitored and protected,” he said.

Taking every precaution

“Furthermore, through this system of health, safety and environmental quality management, we can be assured that we were taking every precaution against injury and ill health of employees, customers and contractors, while focussing on pollution prevention and environmental conservation.

“Equally important is that this system helps to empower our employees by ensuring that the necessary resources and training are available at all times,” he added.

HSEQ Coordinator, Freddie Adamson, said as a result of the certification BLP now operated “under policies, procedures and best practices to ensure that all our stakeholders are not impacted negatively as a consequence of our operations”.

“We are here now with results to show that perseverance over the last six years has borne fruit. We have seen improved levels of reliability, increased levels of safety consciousness of employees and a reduction in lost time severity rate (the number of lost time days for every 200,000 hours worked,” he stated.

“It is now the norm for employees in the field and in the generating stations to begin their work day with either tail board conferences or tool box talks. Our supervisory staff is not left out, whether in administration or operations, to complete inspection targets to achieve.

“All activities, whether it’s an accountant working at a desk in the finance department, a meter reader in the field or a linemen carrying out work on energised power lines, all have been assessed for hazards and any required mitigation implemented,” he said. (SC)

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