Inniss calls for more fervour

Donville Innis

The governing Democratic Labour Party needs to be inspired by last week’s United States presidential election and convince the Barbadian electorate that like Barack Obama it deserves another term.

Minister of Health Donville Inniss, said his party had no choice since Opposition Leader Owen Arthur and his Barbados Labour Party were out to regain “power”.

The St. James South MP was speaking last evening at a DLP St. Peter branch meeting at the Alexandra School.

He noted that while Barbados had “some serious challenges”, the current Government “has really been wrestling (them) down to the ground”.

“Every facet of our government machinery is still working and still delivering, but you have Mr. Arthur now who would want to come and make you believe that all is so bad and he is the only one who can find salvation,” he said.

“So he came recently with this 15-point plan. I don’t know where it was conceived, I don’t know who wrote it for him, but it certainly is not in the best interest of this society.

“I want members of the Democratic Labour Party to really think long, hard, and deep about what the Barbados Labour Party is offering because at the end of the day it is not about how ill we speak about our opponents, it’s not about the jokes we crack on political platforms, we have to get into the homes, hearts and minds of all Barbadians and let them know the differences between the two parties,” he added.

Inniss said “when all the entertainment is done and we settle down in our quiet moments, Barbadians have to ask themselves ‘are you prepared to risk your future and your children’s future with the reckless policies of Owen Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party or are you prepared to do like the Americans did a few days ago and go with a steady and safe hand”.

The minister also said no one should be comforted that Arthur had said he intended to reverse all of the DLP’s policies. (SC)

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  1. Marlo Ray November 13, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Mr Inniss is foolhardy in thinking that there is any comparison between Pres Obama and PM Freundel. Mr Obama actively worked hard and communicated with the American people. He was not asleep on the job. The DLP has suddenly awaken from years of slumber realizing that there is a general election pending.


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