More milk!

School children on a recent tour of the PHD’s packaging plant.

by Shawn Cumberbatch

Home drums are going to be beaten first and loudest as the Pine Hill Dairy and local farmers team up to solve a surplus of 20,000 cases of milk.

A National Drink Milk Campaign, the likes of which Barbados has never seen, gets started this week, Barbados TODAY has learnt.

News of this came from Banks Holdings Limited Chief Executive Officer Richard Cozier. BHL is PHD’s parent company.

“The campaign is going to kick off [this] week, jointly funded by the Barbados Dairy and Beef Producers Association and run in the first instance for three months,” he said.

Barbadians are not large consumers of fresh milk when compared to other countries in the Caribbean, he noted, and the intention was to change this through various means, including showing the population the value of drinking milk, and offering them price specials.

With the milk glut having been a problem since about July, Cozier said all involved were keen to resolve the issue, while allowing the public to benefit from more affordable fresh milk for an extended period.

“One of the issues we have in Barbados, in terms of milk consumption, is that our per capita consumption of milk is one of the lowest in the region,” he said.

“In discussions with our distributor there [Trinidad] they estimate the market in Trinidad for white milk at 35 million litres a year, comparatively, consumption of white milk in Barbados is estimated this year to be 3.5 million litres a year. So its 10 to one, but it’s not 10 to one in terms of population.

“The population of Barbados 270,000 and Trinidad it’s one and a quarter million so every Trinidadian drinks twice the amount of milk that the average Barbadian drinks and that’s because, we believe, that milk in Trinidad is not just seen as something you put in your cereal, your coffee or your tea, but it is a beverage that you can drink as an alternative to whatever else you may want to drink, something to drink at night before you go to bed at night perhaps,” he added.

Cozier expected the campaign to go well, and noted it would be to the benefit of the dairy farmers, PHD and Barbadians generally.

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  1. Aaron April 6, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Does anyone know how I can find out more about this campaign.


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