A bit of ‘Cockiness’

A well known Barbadian brand and a Barbadian superstar have had a partnership of sorts on the international stage.

Singer Rihanna’s recent mention of Cockspur Rum in the remix of one of her hit songs has given the local alcoholic beverage further global exposure.

Rihanna hailed Cockspur Rum in the remix of her hit record Cockiness. The remix, featuring rapper A$AP, references the locally owned and produced Cockspur Rum with the lyrics: I’m wearin fox furs, rockin oxfords, Eatin oxtails, sippin Cockspur.

Brand Sales and Marketing Manager for the Cockspur Rum brand, Tia Best, was thrilled about the brand being mentioned in Rihanna’s song.

She noted that Cockspur Rum “has always been very keen to work with and promote the Barbadian lifestyle as well as local artists and products”.

Good fit

Best also pointed out that Rihanna mentioning the song was a good fit for the brand and that the brand was happy to be mentioned by Barbados’ very own international super star.

Rihanna recently performed the remixed version with A$AP in front of over six million viewers at the 2012 MTV Music Awards. (SC)

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