Broomes not suitable for school environment

Roger Broomes

Physical Education Teacher Roger Broomes is “unfit to be employed in a school environment” and should be terminated.

That’s what sole commissioner Frederick Waterman has recommended in his Alexandra Commission of Enquiry report. The section of the report on Broomes stated:

“Mr. Roger Broomes is a first cousin of the principal. He came into prominence when he was Resident Beat Officer in the Royal (Barbados) Police Force, assigned to the Deacons Farm Area and was later dismissed from the force.

“The hiring practices of the principal when he employed his cousin, his cousin’s girlfriend, his daughter (temporary vacation job) caused one board chairman to accuse him of nepotism.

“Roger Broomes has been engaged in a number of activities at the school, which make him in the commission’s view unfit to be employed in a school environment.

“The activities of Roger Broomes cannot be a credit to an institution of learning such as the Alexandra School and can do nothing towards the restoration of harmonious relations.

“The commission recommendations that the Ministry of Education and the board of management should take steps to terminate his appointment.” (SC)

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