Lounge with Bajan flair

Ryan Fields, Ani Chitbahal and Brian Moore at the opening.

by Donna Sealy

Ryan Fields is passionate about his new business.

If you can get him to pause long enough from what he’s doing, he would happily share his plans with you.

Last Saturday Seven On 7 resto/lounge officially opened its doors to the public.

Although he’s had a restaurant before, Oceans On 7, he is really liking his new venture.

“I’ve worked for 19 years as a chef, 15 years as an executive chef and I’ve worked pretty much all around the world. I’ve worked in South America, North America, it’s easier to tell you the places I haven’t worked – Australia, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. I’ve done stints pretty much every where else.

“With my background I can do pretty much everything. I will be chief cook and bottle washer. The menus are developed by me and it’s American Bistro with a Bajan flair. For instance, on our appetiser menu we’re going to be doing mini Bajan cutters but not the regular stuff that you would go any where and see. You can get a mini cheese cutter — it’s a cheese and scotch bonnet relish. You’re going to have a mini salt bread, mixed grains, cheddar cheese and then we make a scotch bonnet relish. … Different flavours…,” he said.

The resto/louge will be serving up a daddy day care theme on Saturdays from noon as well as themed nights such as Summer Never Ends, Anything Goes and Neo Soul in the Dover, Christ Church locale, with music and live entertainment. Fridays will be an after-work lime, called Party After Five.

Fields said he intends to keep the prices reasonable as he wants it to be a place where people would go to eat two to three times a week as opposed to going only on special occasions.

“Our pricing is going to be extremely aggressive to get in, stay and want to come back,” he added.

Why open a business in this current economic climate?

“It wasn’t easy finding the capital to open the business, it still isn’t easy. There are no loans or anything behind me, it’s all me… At the end of the day then I don’t have all the additional overheads of having to pay people, the banks. Its my money so it means I have a little bit of capital to work with on a daily basis but then I don’t have to worry that on the first of the month I don’t have to pay a loan back of $5,000 or whatever. It has reduced my capital but it has also increased my comfort level of not having to worry about a lot of things like that,” Fields explained.

The St. Michael School old scholar added that when Seven On 7 was up and running he would be looking to other venues and for other avenues to expand in Barbados and the region.

“We want to be a regional brand, not just a local brand,” he emphasised.

The entrepreneur said the greatest challenge so far was getting accustomed to the “slightly slower pace” of how business is done in Barbados.

That apart, he’s cool and ready for Seven On 7 to grow.


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