Rocking the rock

by Kimberley Cummins

For close to 11 months musician, John Roett, has been thinking about a way to display Barbadian alternative, pop and rock bands.

On November 10, the concept will become something real when MIX 96 FM, Banks Beer and LIME Rock The Rock comes to the rock. The concert will be held at Bath Beach in St. John as an event for the entire family.

Patrons are invited to bring their folding chairs and blankets or just stand and enjoy the performances, while being soothed by the cool Atlantic breeze blowing.

There will be a showcase that includes Cover Drive, Threads of Scarlet, Nexcyx, Kite, Simon Pipe, Fighting Traffic, Psilos, Evablaze, Kadri and Sarah Lloyd.

Coming in from Trinidad will be dance and dubstep artist, Vanna Vee, Farouk Jr. who performs alternative/rock and rock/reggae fusion sound of Kin Sound System. DJs are Boom Tribe, Jus-J, Karpologist and K-Smith.

Speaking with Barbados TODAY, organiser of the event, Roett, said he decided to hold the show because of the plethora of talent on the island.

He said while working with many of the artists he realised there was so much talent out there that just needed help; adding that even as he planned for the showcase so many talented musicians would visit the studio where he worked but he was unable to get all of them on the show.

“There is a huge amount of talent in the alternative pop genre on this island – I mean huge. The bands on display are bands, in my opinion, that can hold their own against any band anywhere in the world,” he said.

One of the bands which would perform is Threads of Scarlet. They have been touring extensively and were recently signed with an online record label. Roett said the music industry was changing and he believed online labels was where the industry was headed as record companies no longer had the power and might they once carried.

“The whole focus of the industry is coming back to the natural artist and this has been happening for a while. The internet has changed the entire playing field – totally,” he said as he further stated that the Barbadians who were anxious to gain a record deal “don’t know any better.”

“You have to be very careful about the deal you will sign because a lot of the big bands outside (and I have worked with a few of them) many of them want to get out of the deal they had. The whole industry has changed and there is no doubt about it. The industry has changed and bands and artists are in more control of who they are.

“Look at Gangnam Style that is a YouTube hit that went worldwide and a record label didn’t have anything to do with the 478 million YouTube hits. Once you know how to actually navigate the industry it could be to your benefit.”

A major drawing card of the show was an online competition launched in Canada, US and Caribbean, where entrants simply had to “like” Threads of Scarlet’s Facebook page and they would have a chance to win a free, all expenses paid vacation to Barbados for themselves and a friend.

“It is a show from a business aspect. It is a concert but it is also a contest being run that will benefit our country and all the bands will benefit. They will be seen by industry people who can really make a difference – it is absolutely high quality,” he said.

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  2. Mike November 19, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    Good job John Roett. After reading the article on the concert,I checked out Fighting Traffic and Threads of Scarlet on line.Amazing!World class.I already have music by Kite;another good band. Nexcyx is a good band with an amazing lead vocalist. Everblaze is outstanding.Hope all the bands that did the concert get the international recognition they rightly deserve.


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