Trade union conference a success

Cedric Murrell

An overwhelming success!

That’s how organisers have described the just concluded ninth Biennial Delegates’ Conference of the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations.

General Secretary of CTUSAB, Dennis De Peiza, said during a news conference at its Solidarity House headquarters, Harmony Hall who said the organisation was able to approve eight resolutions.

In expanding on the resolutions passed, President Cedric Murrell said one of them called on Government as a matter of urgency, to start dialogue with the organisation, aimed at amending the Public Service Act.

The CTUSAB leader said the idea behind the amendment was to ensure the public service was administered with greater efficiency and effectiveness. The conference also approved a resolution which urged that, on paying a pensioner for the first time, the National Insurance Scheme provide the details of the calculation of that pension.

It also sanctioned, as a matter of policy, CTUSAB’s opposition to the establishment of any industrial court in Barbados.

Murrell revealed, too, that the executive board was directed to take such initiatives as a matter of urgency, including approaches to the Government and other agencies for assistance, as would result in the collection of empirical evidence on the effect of community noise on persons in the work place and in educational institutions.

He said it was hoped that such evidence could result in the drafting of appropriate legislation.

“That Government, as employer, undertakes to review as a matter of urgency, all aspects of labour-management relations in the Public Service, and to take such specific actions; including the deployment of additional resources and the provision of additional administrative and legal authority; as will rectify the identified areas of failure in labour-management relations,” said one resolution.

The delegates also backed a call for agencies responsible for road works and the provision of utility services to coordinate their efforts, so that limited financial resources were wasted, nor persons suffer the inconvenience caused by damaged services.

The CTUSAB president told reporters another resolution asked the Government to undertake the widening of the administrative structure of the public service by implementing the 1974 provisions of the Constitution for the establishment of a Teaching Service Commission and a Protective Services Commission. (EJ)

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