Court delays Garcia hearing

The High Court in Barbados today delayed hearing of an application asking it to order government authorities to free former Cuban drug convict Raul Garcia, from detention here.

The house in which Raul Garcia resides.

The court will now hear the matter tomorrow morning in the No. 6 Supreme Court.

Garcia, who had already spent his term in prison for the crime, is still being detained by Immigration authorities

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, who is responsible for Immigration matters, has said that his government did not just want to put Garcia back on the streets of Barbados considering the nature of his crime and was seeking the best solution in the interest of all citizens. He had also noted the challenge the government was facing, bearing in mind that neither his land of birth nor the US, where he spent much of his life, was keen to take him.

Garcia’s attorney at law, David Comissiong, told Barbados TODAY this morning that he had filed the application for a writ of habeas corpus, which essentially is a command by a judge for the Chief Immigration Officer and the Minister responsible for Immigration, to present Garcia to the court, so the court could determine the lawfulness of his continued detention.

He explained that if his application was successful tomorrow, he would then be able to make his arguments as to why his client’s continued detention was unlawful. The attorney pointed out that Garcia’s human rights was being adversely affected by his detention. (EJ)

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