Tannis gets the nod for DLP seat

Patrick Tannis

Chairman of the St. Michael South East Constituency Council, Patrick Tannis has been nominated to contest the seat on a Democratic Labour Party ticket in the forthcoming general elections, constitutionally due by mid-April next year.

Tannis, a financial consultant, was chosen over hotelier Hal Martin and teacher Pedro Shepherd.

The new nominee, who would effectively be replacing long-standing parliamentary representative for the constituency Hamilton Lashley, told Barbados TODAY there was a lot of good will in the area among people from the lowest levels of the socio-economic ladder to the highest, to work together for the benefit of the country.

I have been meeting with the boys on the block, the ladies at home, the employed, the residents of Fort George Heights and building bridges,” asserted Tannis.

He said he would be articulating his programme for the constituency in greater detail on Sunday afternoon from 5 o’clock during a branch meeting at the Parkinson Memorial School.

He said that meeting would be attended by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, sitting MP for the constituency, Hamilton Lashley and Undene Whittaker, who once fancied her chances of winning the seat.

Hal Martin, who failed to get the party nomination told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that he remained a DLP supporter.

“I am a DLP supporter. In a primary, somebody’s got to win, what you think, I’m going to join the ‘enemy?’, insisted Martin.

Asked if he was going to support Tannis as the nominee, he replied: “It’s a given.”

Pedro Shepherd, the other person who had been seeking the nomination, said he was ready to hit the ground running in support of Tannis.

“All he has to do is give me a telephone call and I’m ready to go,” he assured.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister and party leader Stuart was expected to lead a mass canvas in support of Tannis tomorrow morning starting from the Parkinson Memorial School. (EJ)

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