New security measures take effect

New security measures are in place at the Grantley Adams International Airport.

Corporate Communications Specialist, Keith Goddard said the measures were necessary because of the airport was undertaking some capital works on the air side in order to better manage the security flow of arriving and departing passengers.

He explained that the decision was also taken in accordance certain international standards. Meanwhile, regional airline LIAT today issued a statement advising its passengers of the measures.The airline told passengers the new security was in effect at Gate number nine, which is the Regional Lounge of the Grantley Adams International Airport.”

The GAIA Inc. now requires that all passengers entering the Regional Lounge be re-screened on entry,” stated LIAT. This means, it added, that in addition to intransit passengers who are usually screened on entering the Regional Lounge, those passe ngers who were screened on entry to the main terminal building, must now be re-screened on entry to the Regional Lounge.

The airline has advised its customers that this re-screening process was a requirement of the GAIA Inc. It therefore urged customers that in light of these measures, they should make their way to Gate nine, well ahead of boarding time to go through the screening process.(EJ)

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