Unstoppable quest

Katrina Blackman

Katrina Blackman is Unstoppable and today we share her reasons for entering the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant which comes off on October 21, at the Plantation Garden Theatre.

Why did you enter the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant?

I have entered the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant because I believe it’s a good way to challenge yourself and I have decided to do something out of the normal with Katrina’s personality.

List three words that best describe who you are?

The three words I would use are pleasant, patient and polite.

What words of advice would you give persons who would like to enter this competition but may be shy?

The advice I would give to someone entering the pageant is to go forward, don’t let no one stop you from entering the pageant, and if your shy like I was when I first entered the pageant eventually you would get over it as I did, it really helps you.

What would you say you have learnt from being in the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant?

I have learnt that beauty comes in all sizes and that we should really, really count our blessing and thank God for what we have. And being in the pageant really thought me to love myself and to appreciate myself as a full figured woman.

Do you believe the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant encourages obesity and unhealthy living?

I strongly disagree that the Big and Beautiful organisation encourages unhealthy living and obesity. We’re in the Caribbean and Caribbean woman has always been bigger, and during the pageant we would have learnt to exercise and to eat healthy.

What should the public expect from you on October 21st?

The public should expect that I would be fierce and elegant showing some class and giving 100 per cent and hopefully walking away being the UNSTOPPABLE QUEEN that I am.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself owning my own catering business and furthering my skills in the culinary arena, and I’m sure I would be catering for all your weddings and parties so you can look out for me.

If you win the title what do you see yourself doing for the year you will reign?

If I’m crowned Miss Big & Beautiful 2012 in October I will be an Ambassador for all full figured women. We still have many challenges going on with the full figured women who may not fit in the regular description of the world, feeling as though they are side looked or under looked but really size, color, class or creed are not really important and I see myself being an advocate for them.

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