Williams aiming to fix local football

Ricky Williams

by Wade Gibbons

Presidential hopeful Ricky “Laker” Williams has drawn the battle lines in the race for the leadership of the Barbados Football Association.

In fact, so adamant is Williams that he is the best man for the job, that he has dismissed challengers Charles Husbands and Randy Harris, both BFA officials, as part of the malaise he says is currently affecting the sport at the domestic level.

An election to choose a president comes off this Sunday amid doubt over whether incumbent head Ronald Jones will seek re-election. To date, he has made no official statement on whether he intends to seek the presidency or not. But in a widely circulated letter to BFA members and others in the football fraternity, Williams suggested that recycling the current membership within the association was doing nothing for the sport in Barbados.

“We have seen that recycling the administration, i.e electing the same persons in different positions, is baring the same fruits, then again no fruits. A good example of this is a contender for the presidential post Mr. Randy Harris.

“Mr. Harris has sat on the executive of the BFA for a lengthy time. He was general secretary on 3 occasions and is currently a member of the current administration. I honestly want you to ask yourself, what ideas or vision Mr. Harris can possibly bring to correct the state of football, that he has played such a significant role in creating. The same can be said of Mr. Charles Husbands,” Williams charged.

Williams suggested that people had to come to the realisation that a president of such an important sport should not be selected by popularity but by substance, as well as the required skills to manage and conceptualise a successful future for football.

“Just as Michel Platini (a former player) has taken the reigns of UEFA and has made it into a formidable organisation, I know that I can do the same for the BFA,” Williams wrote.

In his letter, the former national player, professional footballer and founder of Deacons Football Club charged that there were people in football circles who had been castigating and ridiculing him since he announced his intentions to seek the BFA presidency. He named no one.

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