Every's debut novel available

Barbados Today columnist, Donna Every has just published her debut novel The Merger Mogul.

This is the fourth book Every has published and the second through Kindle Direct Publishing. The book, set in Manhattan and Barbados, which she describes as Business Fiction with elements of romance has already received great reviews.

Every says: Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is a great innovation from Amazon. It is free, easy to use and pays royalties at 35 per cent and 70 per cent instead of the 15 per cent that most publishing houses pay. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to publish their work. After all, when I buy a book I don’t really care who the publisher is; I’m only interested in the book description and the reviews it has received. What is also great is that your buyers don’t even need to own a Kindle to download books.

The book is now available on the Amazon Kindle store.

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