The show will go on!

by Kimberley Cummins

Ronnie Morris is still very committed to the Barbados Music Awards today as he was when it started eight years ago.

Many people have questioned if there would be another staging of the annual music awards and in an interview with Barbados TODAY founder and organiser of the event, Morris, reaffirmed that the show will indeed go on.

It will be held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on January 3rd, 2013.

This year there was no BMA, because Morris travelled to pursue performance options in Las Vegas in the United States and instead two shows were held in 2011.

“I went a couple times; I took Toni Norville with me, then I took Neron with me, then I went back and I auditioned for performances in the hotel circuit. I have a booking agent there and we were successful in getting a bid which means an amount was placed to do four nights a week there and we are awaiting documentation and work permits so that takes a while.

“If that comes through I would be doing part time stuff in and out because I am dedicated to developing what I have here in Barbados- I really am committed to the Barbados Music Awards in spite of its detractors. I think that people who don’t understand the vision of the Barbados Music Awards become detractors because they don’t try to understand the vision. The vision is to give exposure and to highlight what artists are doing during the calendar year. What is going on in the Barbados music business. To showcase Barbados as the hub of the music business in the Eastern Caribbean so it is a serious opportunity for the promotion of Barbados’ music business- it shouldn’t be taken likely.

“We’ve accomplished quite a bit, we do have a lot of international presence, we are able to negotiate at the highest level; there is still a way to go but we are very proud about it,” he said.

This year the organising committee have implemented a new initiative to get the public involved in the actual voting process and to make it as thorough and transparent as possible. They have invited people to visit the Facebook page to nominate and vote for people they believe were entitled to be winners of particular categories.

Those votes will then go to the nomination’s committee who would in turn make the final decision as to who the nominees are based on record sales, air play impact, the awards won, people who did well in competitions, he added. Noting also that the nomination were exclusive of awards such as the Lifetime and Cornerstone Awards on those where people were nominated.

So far, he said, the initiative had been going well; receiving more than 80,000 visits to the page in six days, and they were very confident that it was the best move to involve the public in the selection of the nominees.

This year there are 25 categories down from the first year of 57. Morris said they decreased the categories in an effort to make it more competitive.

Some of the categories this year include:

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